"Janine adds tremendous value to the firm. She has developed a team that consistently delivers high quality service to the firm's employees (satisfaction survey ratings over 97%). By instilling her own high level of client focus in her subordinates and leveraging their capabilities, Janine has become much more strategically focused. She uses her excellent judgment to increase or decrease the NY corporate housing inventory to maximize the firm's savings based on demand."
" I had the distinct pleasure of working with Janine Glasheen at Goldman Sachs for over 5 years.  As her manager, I had a front row view of her successful operation of the firm’s Corporate Accommodation program.  She excelled at client service, cost management, statistical analysis and delivering a high quality, highly reliable product.  Her most notable achievements were delivering annual cost savings in excess of 30% compared to external serviced housing providers, adapting the program to flex with usage requirements (growing and shrinking the inventory in response to demand) and con"
Andrew P. Walker
Goldman, Sachs & Co.