What we do

As our client firm’s advocate, Accommogistics strategically creates then delivers, manages, and allocates on our clients behalf:  proprietary housing stock for its transferees, short-term assignees, groups, business traveling staff.  Model will save a minimum of 25% vs. the typical, while adding many other benefits inherent with the model. 

How we do it

Existing processes and demographics of your demand and requirements are analyzed; Options are detailed and presented, customized according to your parameters.  Upon approval of a plan, seamless integration within your infrastructure is initiated. We work with corporate and partner stakeholders to transition resourcing to the firm’s own strategically-created, customized housing portfolio.

Overflow requirements and those during cyclical peaks are accommodated within the marketplace.

Results Delivered (actual)

$34-42% cost savings ($ millions annually depending on your volume).

95+% internal client satisfaction consistently 

Accommogistics will work to understand your needs for corporate accommodations and any pain points. We hope to earn your trust as advisor as we assist you in achieving your goals most cost efficiently.  

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Responsible to client, End-to-End

Partnership Mentality