Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Accommogistics' target audience? We market to stakeholders who are responsible for the firm's bottom line; those who must deliver cost savings, ensure cost effective, streamlined services without sacrificing quality.  

Direct within Company:  CFOs or other Financial Officers, Global or Regional HR/Relocation Leaders, Global or Regional Travel Leaders, Global or Regional Corporate Services Leaders

Corporate Partners:  Relocation Management Company relationship managers, Travel Management Company relationship managers

2. How is Accommogistics compensated for its services? Our fee structure is based on apartment size and duration of agreements we manage.  Monies disbursed as part of providing services are ‘pass-through.’  Project fees are based on scope of work and time required to complete project.

3. Is Accommogistics a corporate housing company?  While we do create furnished housing resources to accommodate our clients' mobile workforce, we will never maintain our own inventory.  We are completely independent, so our only vested interest is our clients’ best interests.